About me

Algorithmic art is a vocation for me. I remember when I was programming with the 8-bit Sinclair ZX Spectrum PC I purchased in 1983, I was most interested in the graphics. A very small printer was connected to the machine, which printed screen on the special silver colored paper. I made my own art exhibition back then! :) Later, I programmed with the Atari800-XL and Amiga 1200 computers. Since 2006 I have programmed with Windows environment REBOL programming language. Nowadays I program only with REBOL programming language, also other than my art programs.

Many of my programming ideas have remained partly the same since those early days - the speed of computers in modern times makes it possible to run programs that would have been virtually impossible in the past. Since now 3D modeling seems to be the "must" for computer graphics, I did learn some new information. For example, I now know how to project the x, y, and z coordinates on a two-dimensional screen of the screen, and how to rotate the coordinates around the x, y, and z axes.

Many of my pictures come to exist through some form of exploration. I don't always know in advance what the code will produce. This is exactly the rewarding thing I experience in making algorithmic art. If I were to forcefully twist the code with a particular image in my mind, it would not always be worth the effort. In fact, my nicest pictures are born with some kind of a small mistake due to which I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Of course, such a bad code cannot be that the program crashes in a runtime error.

A small change in a variable usually causes a small change in the final image. That's what my animation is based on. Then, after successive pictures of so-called frames is produced, I make them animated with MakeAvi. I edited the video with VSDC Video Editor. Both are quality freeware. REBOL is also a free programming language interpreter.

I have previously written that I do not want to say anything with my art, that I just want to produce images and animations that look nice to me. Does a toddler want to say anything with his art? Maybe not - he works for joy. I do the same.

Petri Keckman
born 1963

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